Thursday, 13 October 2011

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  1. we do this warm up because it helps are backs and leg also f.oot work

    i did like this warm up because there was a lot of thing that felt uncomfortable, i am not showing the skills i need to have.

    at 0.19 i when the worng way need to remember the dances qucker.

    0.39 arm are floppy

    0.50 keep my bum in.

    0.57 keep my head down

    1.29 my arms are to far back

    1.34 need head up abit arm too far back to make my flat back
    2.18 swing my hips to much need to us my core more
    2.35 need strong arm there moving around tomuch
    3.04 too frast

    3.16 dont show in my face that it hard to do.

    3.27 going back to far
    3.33 swing hips to much

    4,29 more my body to much hips need to stay in one place.
    5.06 arm to floppy and need to rap my arms around they body more
    5.51 bums to hight

    targets-strong arm swing hip, keep bum down.