Monday, 2 January 2012

saturday night fever

to day we did saturday night fever and i didnt feel comforbable at frist, but then i got in to.i found it hard to pick up some movements.

0.29 swinging my arms

limon technique

today we learnt limon dances, i found it hard because we be doing cummingham which doing give you much freedom, i couldnt  pick up the movement because its different to what we have be doing last few weeks . limon you push ur self to the limit and it about falling and recovery.

0.07 i started to late.
0.11 i am not in time
0.17 got a flappy arm
0.23 need strong arm
0.30 put more energy
0.30 i body looks floppy
0.42 i had a nice finsh

push my self and put more energy in to the dances and have strong arm and know where parts of my body are going.