Thursday, 29 September 2011

Graham 23 sep

"Every time you breathe life in or expel it is a release or a contraction." that what Martha Graham wrote, A contraction start from the hip and it's like some pulling everything in to up back. Martha Graham uses this lot in her dances.

  • Explore the different levels of the contraction(sitting,standing)
  • Connect it to personal experiences.
  • Focus on lengthening the spine 
  • The space around the body 
  • Use the contraction as an impulse for shaping a movement.

what physically happens in a contraction
 starting on the base of the spine and the pubic bone, the muscle contraction help with breathing pull the center of the body upwards also 

a contraction is a dynamic action 
Martha Graham said "which makes rippling circles when it hits."

merce cunningham