Thursday, 29 September 2011

Graham 23 sep

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  1. to day we did the martha graham warm up, we do this warm up to get are bodys engages, losson up the musce. then at 3.07 we more on to get are heat going. 1.36 risen up on to the balles of are fett is working on are feet.

    i think i did well but i didnt feel comfortable with contractions it was a different feeling and it some think i need to work on to make me a more versatile dancer.

    this warm makes me a better profersional so i dont stand out in a bad way i can pick things up and look strong also works on my arms feet and core wich most strong dancers have.

    in this vedio i need to improve leave my top alone i need to keep my bum in , my arm need to be a lot stronger

    5.38 get back back straight - but wen the contraction got quicker my contraction look better. they also felt bett.
    7.47 i need to work on my foot work because my feet looks floppy. and so dose my ping,

    5.04 my bum need to come in and pull up my core up.

    7.00 i would like to see that breath come out of my body

    7.12 i see breath come out of my body a bit more looked alot better

    Targets- work on keeping my bum in, and my contraction and see the breath.