Thursday, 13 October 2011


  1. this lesson help my core and balance . to come a strong dance you need a strong core.

    0.23 arms are to far back need to work on my flat backs ,
    3.07 my leg need to be stronger and twist more
    3.39 i need my balance. and control
    4.44 i am giving up
    5.38 i could have pushed my self more
    6.33 go abit more faster . out more eforrt in to the sit ups
    8.00 my bum got put my bum down.
    8.22 dont give up

    target -my contraction need more power.

  2. i dont think i have done well in today lesson because i had not puting a 100% in. and i think i give up in the lesson.

    i would like to see my core get better over the weeks

    this core and balance lesson will help me to do thinks and have more strength.